Top quality invisible balcony grills and mosquito net for windows in Mumbai by Raghavas Netting
Invisible Grills

A concept from Singapore, Invisible Grills is the system of installation of Stainless Steel Cables to cover windows, balconies or open areas of high rise buildings. Fully compliant with fire safety and evacuation norms. Approved by many top builders in place of M.S grills

Mosquito Net

A pleated mosquito net is a type of protective barrier used to keep mosquitoes and other insects away from a person or a group of people while they sleep. It is made of a fine mesh material and is typically hung over a bed or other sleeping area. The “pleated” part of the name refers to the folds or pleats in the fabric, which can be opened and closed like a curtain. The purpose of the pleats is to increase the surface area of the netting, which makes it more effective in keeping insects out. In addition to providing protection from mosquitoes and other insects, pleated mosquito nets can also serve as a decorative element in a bedroom or other living space.